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    Happy People Swimming

    Clean, clear pool & spa water makes all your water fun better! Water Testing Blog focuses mainly on water quality issues related to drinking water but we also realize that safe, clean pool & spa water matters, too!

    [ pool water test kits ]

    Drinking Water Test Kits allow their users to keep an eye on important chemical characteristics much te same as Pool Water Test Kits allow their users to monitor critical pool & spa water characteristics.

    Improperly balanced and/or sanitized pool & spa water can breed harmful bacteria. What more reason do you need to test your water? Oh, well, improperly balanced and/or sanitized pool & spa water also can look bad, smell bad, cause rashes and skin irritation, burn your eyes, corrode metal fixtures, fade your liner or worse yet... bleach your favorite swimsuit. You know... That ONE suit that makes you look SO great -- and cost you an arm and a leg 'cuz some famous(?) guy in Italy designed it.

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