With all the recent talk about lead in drinking water, lead in paint, and lead in just about every darn thing, it comes as no surprise that somebody would begin to question the methodology used for Compliance Monitoring of lead.

Anyone familiar with the Hach LeadTrakTM Pocket ColorimeterTM II knows how much time it takes to complete each test and how many different steps are involved in the procedure. While an excellent tool for determining the concentration of lead in water, its cumbersome procedures keep it from getting used as often as it should out in the field — until recently.

An article in the March 2008 Lab International magazine revealed that Ivars Jaunakais, President of Industrial Test Systems, Inc., has developed a new, faster and less tedious method for determining the concentration of lead in water using the Hach LeadTrakTM Pocket ColorimeterTM II. He calls it LEADQuickTM.


Users of Ivars’ groundbreaking LEADQuickTM can now obtain lead in water test results in under 5 minutes and the kit allows for accurate detection of lead in water concentrations as high as 700 ppb and as low as 1 ppb (+/-3ppb).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency set the MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) for lead in water at 15 ppb so as you can see, this new methodology has more than enough range and precision to meet the needs of water professionals in pretty much any industry.

Another nice feature of the LEADQuickTM reagent/reagentstrip test kit is its cost: Less than $3.00 USD per test, meter cost excluded.

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