While we do not have definitive answers for whether or not DI/RO (de-ionized / reverse osmosis) water will cause harm to the human body, we can say that at some point in the past we have seen articles about home water systems that first remove all ‘impurities’ in drinking water via Reverse Osmosis or De-Ionization and then replace specific ions using special post-filtration attachments.

Naturally (no pun intended), we recall that the manufacturers of these post-filtration attachments claimed the human body actually needed the ions removed through de-ionization and reverse osmosis, which their devices put back into the water, and quoted ‘scientific data’ as proof of their claims.

Sadly enough, though, we must apologize for not having anything more specific about these devices since these articles graced our computer screens several years ago we did not save any of the links. A search on Google or another prominent Search Engine will probably turn up some useful information, though.

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