Once again the bottled water industry finds itself in the crosshairs of folks that do not see its products as the answer to the world’s impending water crisis and environmental problems.

TORONTO (Reuters) – Canadian environmental groups have filed a misleading advertising complaint against Nestle disputing claims in an ad by the world’s largest food company that its bottled water has numerous ecological benefits.

A group comprising Friends of the Earth Canada, the Polaris Institute, the Council of Canadians, Wellington Water Watchers and Ecojustice said Nestle Waters Canada contravened the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards “by making false and misleading statements regarding the environmental impacts of its product” in full-page newspaper ad in October.

“They can spin the bottle all they want, but the truth is there is no green solution to bottled water,” said Joe Cressy, Campaigns Coordinator, for the Polaris Institute, in Ottawa.

The groups also allege the ad — which said “most water bottles avoid landfill sites and are recycled”; “bottled water is the most environmentally responsible consumer product in the world”; and “Nestle Pure Life is a Healthy, Eco-Friendly Choice” — is contrary to guidelines that have been set by Canada’s Competition Bureau and the Canadian Standards Association. (source)

What do we think about all this? Simple: Test your tap water and/or well water, properly install and maintain the correct drinking water remediation devices, and carry a reusable container filled with the pure, clean drinking water from your own home or office.

And for those always on the go, you may want to consider picking up a personal water bottle with a built in filter so that you can refill from pretty much any public water source and still get clean, pure drinking water to quench your thirst.

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