Below please find a very simplified table of potential symptoms and testing methods for several contaminants which sometimes wind up in drinking water. This list in no way, shape or form represents the total number of potential drinking water contaminants. For a ‘complete’ list of water contaminants and their potential effects on human health, plese refer to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s SafeWater Web Site.

Symptom Contaminant Water Test
Skin Damage, Circulatory System Problems, Increased Risk of Cancer Arsenic Arsenic Test Kit
Cardiovascular Problems, Reproductive Difficulties, Mammory Gland Tumors Atrazine WaterSafe Pesticides in Water Test Kit
Dry Skin, Increased Risk of Cancer if Ingested Chlorine SenSafe Free Chlorine Check , SenSafe Total Chlorine Check , WaterWorks 2 Free & Total Chlorine
Gastrointestinal Irritation Copper SenSafe Copper Check , SenSafe Heavy Metals Check
Thyroid Damage, Nervous System Damage Cyanide Cyanide Emergency Test Kit
Increased Risk of Cancer in Humans MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Lab Testing Only
Methemo-globulinemia Nitrate/ Nitrite WaterWorks Nitrate/Nitrite Test , WaterWorks Well Water Check , Complete Home Water Quality Test Kit , SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit
Increased Risk of Cancer in Humans Tetrachloroethylene Lab Testing Only
Gastrointestinal Disease Cryptosporidium Lab Testing Only
Brain, Kidney, and Nervous System Damage, Lead Poisoning Lead WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit , WaterSafe Lead in Water , WaterSafe City Water Test Kit
Kidney Damage Mercury Boris Mercury Check , SenSafe Heavy Metals Check
Severe Diarrhea, Cramps, Convulsions / Long Term Kidney, Liver, Bone and Blood Damage Cadmium SenSafe Heavy Metals Check
Metallic Taste Iron Total Iron Visual Test Kit , SenSafe Heavy Metals Check

WaterSafe City Water Test Kit
WaterSafe City Water Test Kit

COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit
COMPLETE Water Quality
Test Kit – 13 Parameters

COMPLETE Kit w/ Lead and Pesticide Tests
COMPLETE Water Test Kit
w/ Lead & Pesticide Tests

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