Summer months mean warmer weather for most people so once again we will take a moment to digress a bit from the usual topics to remind people that water in a swimming pool can pose just as much of a threat to human health as the drinking water in a person’s glass. Need more proof?

Two years ago, an outbreak of illness caused by a germ called Cryptosporidium (“Crypto” for short) made at least 69 people ill in Dubuque. Health officials said Flora Pool was the probable origin of the outbreak.

“Those illnesses can last for weeks,” said Mary Rose Corrigan, public health specialist with the city of Dubuque.

Such illnesses also can lead to hospitalizations. Roth recalls a recent incident involving a diarrhea illness originating at a parish festival.

“We had people in the (intensive care units) at both hospitals because the diarrhea had put their electrolytes out of balance,” Roth said.

“The general public thinks you get diarrhea for a couple days and that’s it, but what happens for some people is this can be a near-death experience. It’s not always a benign situation.” ( source )

Still not convinced? Think of it this way: The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Ground Water Association urge private well owners to test their water on a regular basis because the slightest contamination can cause massive illnesses in the users of the wells… so what do you think they say about pool water, huh? They say things like…. this.

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