The majority of public water systems use either free chlorine or combined chlorine (chloramines) to disinfect the water they distribute. End users have the ability to test directly for free chlorine and total chlorine, but not combined chlorine.

Free Chlorine + Combined Chlorine = Total Chlorine

If a person wants to learn the combined chlorine content of water they must first measure the free chlorine total chlorine content and then subtract the free chlorine value from the toal chlorine.

Total Chlorine – Free Chlorine = Combined Chlorine

In the past a person had to measure free chlorine and total chlorine separately. Not a real chore, but still an extra step. Now, however, the WaterWorkstm 2 Free & Total Chlorine Test Strip allows its users to measure free and total chlorine values at the same time, and with the same test strip.

WaterWorks 2 Free and Total Chlorine Water Test Kit

Accurate Testing:

The free chlorine test area on the WaterWorkstm 2 Free & Total Chlorine Strip uses the same chemistry found on the patented, USEPA Approved SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check and the test area for total chlorine uses the patented SenSafe Aperture Technology.

Detection Ranges:

Accurately measures free and total chlorine levels from 0.1ppm up to 5.0ppm.

Testing Time:

Less than a minute.

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