It pleases us to see articles (like this one) mentioning State and/or Local agencies encouraging the general public to get their water tested. It pleases us even MORE when those same agencies offer to absorb some of the costs associated with water testing performed by a certified water testing laboratory.

CLINTON TWP. — The Clinton Township Environmental Commission and the South Branch Watershed Association are sponsoring well water testing for township residents. Residents can have their well water tested for commonly occurring bacteria and other contaminants at reduced cost.

A basic test for coliform bacteria and nitrates costs $50. Other testing options are available for additional cost. Arsenic is one of the most pervasive contaminants found in this area of New Jersey and the state recommends that you test for arsenic if you live in Hunterdon.

The well-testing kits contain easy-to-follow instructions and containers approved by a state-certified laboratory. Kits may be purchased on Saturday, Oct. 17 between 9 and 11 a.m. at the Clinton Twp. Public Safety Building at 1370 Route 31 North. The water samples may be dropped off Tuesday, Oct. 20 at the same building between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. No cash will be accepted; checks only. For information, call the municipal clerk at 735-8800. ( source )

Time and time again we have mentioned that Health and Water Professionals suggest well owners test their well water on a regular basis. We also suggest that people with serious reason to suspect contamination, such as flood victims, have their well water tested by a certified water testing laboratory.

For routine testing, though, test kits such as the following work quite well:

WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit

The WaterWorks Well Water Test Kit Contains:

  • Coliform Bacteria – an indicator of pathogenic organisms that cause disease
  • Pesticides – from agricultural uses/ linked to increased cancer rates
  • Nitrates / Nitrites – from fertilizers and animal waste that can cause development problems
  • Lead – causes developmental harm, neurological and kidney damage
  • Iron – can cause reddish brown stains on appliances, toilets, and sinks
  • Hardness – cause lime scale buildup in pipes and higher detergent use
  • pH – can cause heavy metal leaching and plumbing damage
  • Copper – can lead to gastrointestinal disease and other health issues
  • Chlorine – while not common to well water, a good test to have because by-products can increase cancer risk

SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit

The SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit includes:

  • Sulfate Test Strips (2)
  • Chloride Test Strips (2)
  • Nitrate Test Strips (2)
  • Nitrite Test Strips (2)
  • Iron Test Strips (2)
  • Copper Test Strips (2)
  • Free Chlorine Test Strips (2)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Test Strips (2)
  • pH Test Strips (2)
  • Total Alkalinity Test Strips (2)
  • Total Chlorine Test Strips (2)
  • Total Hardness Test Strips (2)
  • Pesticide Test (1)
  • Bacteria Test (1)
  • Lead Test (1)

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