We can remember a time when pretty much everyone we knew viewed the water coming from the water cooler at work as the safest and most pure water possible. The thought of bacteria living in the water cooler never crossed our minds.

WaterSafe Water Cooler Test Kit (Bacteria)

Our thought process changed after reading some interesting statisitics including, but not limited to, how often water cooler fixtures get cleaned, storage times for water cooler bottles before use, storage conditions for water cooler bottles before use, etc.

Some people, including ourselves, have started to shy away from public water coolers and instead use personal water filtration devices such as washable, refillable water bottles with Level 2 Filters. Most tap water contains a low level of sanitizer which keeps it bateria-free and the filters in our personal water bottles remove the residual sanitizer, and other nasty things such as metals, from the tap water right before we consume it — making it as freshly purified as possible.

Portable Water Bottle w/ Built-In Level 2 Filter
Grip Sport Bottle with Level 2 Filter
Sport Water Bottle w/ Level 2 Filter
Sports Bottle with Level 2 Filter
Replacement Level 2 Filter Cartridges
Level 2 Filter Replacement Cartridges

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