Taylor Test Kit Reagents

A lot of people believe they can mix-n-match test kit reagent brands to save money, but in reality, unless the instructions that come with their test kit specifically state that the kit uses ‘standard’ test kit reagents, such as a DPD Tablet for a 10mL sample size, then they may not get accurate test results when they use other brands of reagents.

While the ‘simple science’ of putting X number of drops or scoops of reagent in a sample, shaking, and comparing the resultant color to a color comparator or color chart sounds like a person could use any brand of reagent they want, that ‘simple science’ does not always forgive changes in procedure.

  • Drop sizes may change between reagent manufacturers
  • Concentrations of reagents may change between manufacturers
  • Not all test kits use the same chemicals and procedures to detect certain parameters

Can you please tell me where to get Taylor Test Kit Reagents?

As a matter of fact, yes we can:

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