Total Hardness Test Strips

At one time if you lived in an area and your water contained high levels of elements like calcium and magnesium your only option for water softening systems involved the use of salt-based water softening systems which worked well, but required periodic draining… which meant the discharging of brine water into the environment.

States such as California noticed the damage done to the environment by this unnatural adding of heavily salted water (brine water) and attempted to enact legislation to BAN the sale and use of salt based water softeners. Though not successful as of yet, efforts to get salt-based water conditioners banned continue to this day.

Do Alternative(s) to Salt-Based Water Softeners Exist?

In recent years a ‘new’ technology has emerged which makes it possible to soften water without the use a salt tank. This technology makes use of specially designed media which either absorb the calcium or convert it into a ‘harmless’ form which gets collected and backwashed out of the system at a later date.

Below you will find three examples of salt-free water softening systems:

Filter Water: Salt-Free Water Softener
Salt-Free Water Softener
w/ Automatic Backwash

Filter Water: Salt-Free Water Softener
Salt-Free Water Softener
Eagle A1000AS Anti-Scale Conditioner

Filter Water: Salt-Free Water Softener
Salt-Free Water Softener
Eagle A 2000-FG Anti-Scale Conditioner

When last we checked, FilterWater.Com offered FREE SHIPPING on all three units to locations w/in the Continental United States… and given that each unit easily weighs more than 100 pounds, well, that offer of free shipping sounds like a pretty decent deal!

Testing for Water Hardness?

Now you KNOW we can’t let this blog entry come to a close without telling you how you can test the hardness of your water.

Water Hardness Test Strips work well for on-the-spot testing of water hardness and typically cost less than $10 for a bottle of 50 strips.

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