Once again flooding has potentially contaminated private wells, and this time it happened up in the province of Winnipeg in Canada where government officials recently announced that the Province would pick the tab for well water testing.

Although we hate to hear about areas getting flooded out, we do love to read about governments stepping in to assist victims with making sure they have safe, clean drinking water once the flood waters have gone down.

The provincial government is encouraging people with wells in flood-affected areas to get them tested once flood waters recede.

Officials said the province will cover the full costs of testing.

The province normally subsidizes well-water testing but the well owner’s share is now also being waived for the month of June for flooded areas, said officials.

Manitoba Water Stewardship is also recommending that people with wells in flooded areas boil their water or use alternatives such as bottled water until test results confirm the bacterial safety of their water.

Water samples should be marked 2010 Flood and sent to Maxxam Analytics, Unit D, 675 Berry St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 1A7. More information is also available by calling 204-772-7276 or 1-800-665-8566 (toll-free). ( source )

As a general rule victims of flooding whose wells may have gotten contaminated should, at the very least, test their wells for bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, heavy metals (i.e. copper, lead and iron) and pesticides. Individual situations may merit additional and/or repeated testing.

Interested in having a certified water testing lab take a look at your drinking and/or well water? National testing Laboratories has several different levels of testing available to the general public for reasonable rates.

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