Replacement Sediment Filter

No matter what water filtration system you have, eventually you will HAVE to replace a filter cartridge or replace the entire filter if you purchased a disposable filter.

For those of you opted for a more long-term drinking water filtration solution such as a Kinetico® Water Filter System, the GE Osmonics® Purtrex PX05 9 7/8″ replacement filter will work just fine. In fact, it may even work better than the filter cartridge that came with your system.

The Purtrex PX05 9 7/8″ filter has lower density at the surface with progressively higher density towards the center which helps it capture particles throughout the entire depth of the filter — as opposed to filters of uniform density which may only collect contaminants on their exteriors.

This replacement filter also meets FDA Title 21 requirements for food and beverage contact and incinerates down to trace ash for easy disposal.

You can also use the Purtrex 5 Micron Sediment Filter in place of the following cartridges:

  • American Plumber WP5
  • Aqua-Pure AP110
  • Aqua-Pure AP010
  • Bunn S5-10
  • Bunn ED-S-1
  • Cornelius COR120
  • Cornelius COR105
  • Culligan P5
  • Cuno CFS110
  • Ecolab 9320-1135
  • Everpure DEV910908
  • Flotec P5 155014-43
  • Manitowoc K-00173
  • Manitowoc K-00069
  • NuCalgon 4712-87
  • Pentek P5
  • Puremark PFS105
  • Selecto 101-230
  • Shurflo 15-052-00
  • Shurflo SF31-SEDS

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