Ewwwww…… Yuck!

Could bacteria really live in the trusty water coolers at work or in your home? Unfortunately we have to say… “YES.”

Think of it this way: When you swap out the large, cumbersome jugs when the current jug runs out of water, the feeder tube that will stick into the new jug gets exposed to the air… and whatever bacteria, viruses and or airborne biologicals happen to blow around in the room that day.

Over time any of those nasty little buggers that land on the feeder tube and wind up in the fresh jug of water could multiply to dangerously high numbers in the water cooler. Zero disinfectants in the water creates an excellent place for bacteria to start a family!

To make matters worse, the area AFTER the feeder tube down inside the water cooler can also become a nice place for bacteria and other nasties to raise a family… which could one day wind up in your supposedly safe glass of drinking water.

Moral of the story?

If you cannot determine the last time anyone cleaned the inside of the water cooler, you may want to test the water it dispenses for potentially harmful bacteria with a kit like the WaterSafe Water Cooler Test Kit.

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