We get inquiries like this one all the time… and this time we decided to post our ‘normal’ response for everyone to see because we feel strongly that more people should test chlorine levels in their drinking water — especially in countries or areas where the water supply may very well (accidentally) not contain enough chlorine to make it safe!

Quote for Chlorine test strips required

K/Attn: The Manager (International Sales)

Dear Ms/Sir,

We have the following requirement for Chlorine Test Strips having the following specifications:

   1. Range: 0, 1, 3, 5, 10 ppm
   2. Total qty: 1000 sticks
   3. Packing required: Bottles of 25 or 50 sticks each.

Important: Before choosing a test strip (stick) for chlorine, make sure you know whether you need to test for free chlorine or test for total chlorine, as different products exist for each!

To answer this person’s inquiry directly, though, the following links will take you to places where you can purchase test strips for both free and total chlorine concentration testing in water.

Filter Water: SenSafe Free Chlorine Test Strips
EPA Approved Free Chlorine Test
0 – 6.0 ppm

Filter Water: Free & Total Chlorine Test Strips
Free & Total Chlorine Test
0 – 6.00 ppm

Filter Water: Ultra High Range Free Chlorine Test Strips
Ultra High Range Free Chlorine
0 – 2,000 ppm

Total Chlorine
Total Chlorine Test Strips
0 – 10 ppm

Mid-Range Free Chlorine
Free Chlorine Test Strips
0 – 25 ppm

High Range Free Chlorine
Total Chlorine Test Strips
0 – 120 ppm

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