Combination RO/UF System
Combination RO/UF System

After yesterday’s posting about perchlorates in drinking water, we fully expected to receive the following question… and we thank you for not disappointing us!

A concerned parent from any area just outside of what sounds like a military firing range wrote in this morning and asked whether or not installing a reverse osmosis water filtration systems will allow her to effectively remove all perchlorates from her water.

We wish MORE concerned parents would take more of an interest in the quality of water they allow their children to drink!

We live live near a military base where they always blow stuff up and so the perchlorates could get in my water if what i read is true. If so, then reverse osmosis water filters will take them all out, right? We just had a new baby girl and we don’t want to take any chances! Thanks!

We will begin by saying that the USEPA has set the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for perchlorates at 6 micrograms per liter (0.006 mg/L or ppm) and that quality reverse osmosis water systems will reduce perchlorate concentrations in drinking water to levels below 0.006 ppm.

In other words, even the best reverse osmosis systems will not completely remove perchlorates from drinking water… but that does NOT mean you should ignore their presence!

Those who live in areas that have been contaminated should definitely install a water filter capable of removing perchlorate, probably some type of reverse osmosis filter. These filters won’t remove all of the perchlorate, but it is best to reduce the amount of perchlorate to the extent possible. … Needless to say, those with children attending schools that use water contaminated with perchlorate should take action to demand that the schools install proper filters, too, as drinking perchlorate-contaminated water could cause developmental delays in children, according to Dr. Power. ( source )

So… should you even bother installing a reverse osmosis water filter if a certified laboratory such as National Testing Laboratories informs you that your water contains perchlorates?

Absolutely! Getting rid of some unwanted contaminants will ALWAYS make more sense than allowing them to remain in your drinking water… for you and your family to ingest.

Selecting a reverse osmosis system

Start your process by testing your water and finding out what exactly you need to get rid of before you even think about what system to buy — else risk investing, and we did say investing, in a water filtration system that won’t get rid of the contaminants in your water.

Once you know what to get rid of, you will then know what filtration products to focus on and have the ability to compare the filtering capabilities of various water filter systems against the list of contaminants found in your water.

Filters Fast: Aqua Flo E50TFC-3SF Reverse Osmosis System
Aqua Flo E50TFC-3SF
Reverse Osmosis System

Filters Fast: Pentek RO-3500 Monitored Reverse Osmosis System
Pentek RO-3500 Monitored
Reverse Osmosis System

Filters Fast: Hydrotech 1240 M Series Reverse Osmosis System
Hydrotech 1240 M Series
Reverse Osmosis System

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