Fears triggered by sporadic news stories about bacterial contamination of public water supplies and horror stories about well water troubles have resulted in many people taking a serious look at investing in a UV Water Treatment System for their home and/or place of business.

The question for most people becomes, “What qualities do I look for in a UV Water Treatment System?”

No simple answer exists for that question, but one thing we definitely suggest people look for… a UV water treatment system that bears the NSF Mark. Specifically, we suggest checking to see that any unit under consideration has certified to NSF Standard 55.

Water treatment systems certifying to NSF Standard 55 have passed rigorous testing conducted by a reputable, independent laboratory that proves the devices give off the correct frequency and amount of UV illumination required to effectively kill and/or sterilize bacteria present in a water supply.

Trojan UV Max Pro 10
Trojan UV Max Pro 10, Pro 20 and Pro 30

A company by the name of Trojan manufactures a line of UV water treatment systems known as the Trojan UV Max Pro which contains different models, each with a different set of features… and all with the power to eliminate unwanted biological contaminants (i.e. bacteria and viruses).

* Trojan UV Max Pro 10

* Trojan UV Max Pro 20

* Trojan UV Max Pro 30

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