We get this question countless times… because some pool companies either don’t do a good job explaining to customers what they will need to do when swimming season rolls around again OR because people have purchased homes that have a pool — and the former owners didn’t leave instructions.

In either case, we get this question a lot. Below you will find links to four areas of interest for pool owners in the Spring:

In the Swim: Pool Opening Kits
Pool Opening Kits

In the Swim: Pool Chlorine
Pool Chlorine

In the Swim: Solar & Winter Covers
Solar & Winter Covers

In the Swim: Equipment & Accessories
Equipment & Accessories

And, of course, an area that too many pool owners neglect: Pool Water Test Kits.

Can’t I just dump a bunch of chlorine in and call it a day?

Sure… but then you will more than likely waste money correcting the problems you’ve created or didn’t solve by simply adding chlorine.

Testing your pool water for at LEAST the basics (metals, pH, alkalinity, free chlorine, total chlorine, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid) will give the knowledge you need to purchase the correct pool chemicals and add the correct amounts so you can get your pool started properly and avoid annoyances such as staining caused by the addition of chlorine to water containing high levels of metals, algae caused by poorly balanced water in which chlorine cannot do its job, etc.

Consider This : 99% of the time it costs MORE money to fix a pool water chemistry issue than it does to test in the first place and add the correct chemicals the first time!