Each year millions of pool owners will venture out into their sheds, begin to rummage through boxes marked ‘pool stuff’ in their garages, etc. and come up empty handed. What did they go looking for? Their simple, trusted 2-way pool water test kit.

Where did all those test kits go? No one really knows, but some have hypothesized that an alien race of testing gnomes creeps out in the off season and harvests a select number of 2-way test kits that they will sacrifice to the Pool Gods on our behalf in exchange for a bountiful, fun and safe swimming season.

Regardless of whether or not that last bit sounded believable, if you find yourself in need of a 2-way pool water test kit for total chlorine and pH, sites like InTheSwim.Com and PoolCenter.Com carry those and more.

Now… if you want to take BETTER care of your pool water — and possibly save yourself numerous water chemistry headaches which cost money to correct — you may want to consider taking a look at a 4-way pool test kit or more advanced Taylor Test Kit.

Taylor K2005C Pool Water Test Kit

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