Given how BUSY most people get during the rest of the year, why would Summer offer them a break in their hectic routine? Therefore it definitely didn’t shock us one bit when ‘Mary12Adam’ wrote in and asked,

“My husnband and I both work 2 jobs and take turns shuffling the kids around to all their school, soccer, band and scout stuff. We don’t have time to run back and forth to the pool store every week for more pool chemicals. Do you know a chemical kit that will last us most if not all summer long?”

We certainly empathize with your situation, Mary, since we have kids, too, and have to create time to do ANYthing other than work, housework and drive them hither and yon.

We typically stock up on chemicals from our local pool supply store early in the season and don’t have to make a trip back until at least 3/4 of the way through the season, though sometimes a bit sooner if we get a lot of rain or have 2 or 20 more social gatherings at the homestead.

Since it sounds like you clearly don’t have a lot of time on your hands, Mary, for going to the pool store even ONCE, we suggest that you look into a pool chemical package like the Chemical Season Supply Kit (Large) from Amerimerc.Com, a leading online retailer of pool chemicals, pool test kits, pool supplies, and, of course, pool toys.

Pool Chemicals Large Package

What does the kit contain? So glad you asked!

  • 50 lb.3in Tablets — Great for day-to-day chlorinating
  • 1 qt. Poly 60 Algaecide — A necessary tool for fending off unwanted algae
  • 1 qt. Conquest Super Rust & Scale — Keep pesky metal stains out of your water
  • 24 x 1 lb. bag Dura Shock — Excellent for shocking & superchlorinating
  • 4 lb. pH Increaser — Effective way to elevate the pH of your pool water
  • 6 lb. pH Reducer — Effective way to decrease the pH of your pool water
  • Aqua Chek Chlorine 3-Way Test Strips — Fastest way to test your pool for vital parameters

Looking for other chemicals and supplies for your swimming pool and want them delivered right to your door? Check out the latest offerings on Amerimerc.Com!