Today we will broach a topic which we hope one of our readers can assist with because we have little to no expertise in matters of real estate. We will do so because another of our readers asked us a question that involves buying land and testing the water before signing on the dotted line of a real estate contract.

‘Patricia’ asked, “Im going to buy a land in Mexico and I will like to know what it will be good for water quality tester?


Many people don’t think about testing the water coming up from the springs on, or passing across a parcel of land before buying it — but obviously WE think they ought to!

Here in the United States most states have laws requiring well water to pass basic bacteria testing before a property with a dwelling can change hands… but what about undeveloped property? Does it also need to pass some sort of testing?

If anyone has an answer to that question, please leave a comment in the appropriate place below so others can share in your wisdom!

Well Driller Master Test Kit

Water test kit for basic water testing?

In a case like this, where traveling light and having the ability to do the most testing possible while on the property will matter quite a bit, we suggest taking a look at a kit such as the Well Driller Mater Test Kit made by SenSafe. This particular test kit makes use of dip’n’read test strips to test for 12 important water quality parameters, an easy-to-use presence/absence test for coliform bacteria and a very simple, yet accurate, method for testing dissolved arsenic concentrations in water.

With regard to portability, the Well Driller Mater Test Kit comes packaged in a plastic carrying case, has all the necessary color charts attached to each test’s bottle and requires no glassware or power.

For more specific on what tests come with the Well Driller Test Kit (Master), take a look at its product description on the FilterWater.Com Web Site.

Well Driller Master Test Kit

Please keep in mind that the test kit we mentioned in this blog posting will not test for VOC’s (volatile organic contaminants), artificially synthesized drinking contaminants, etc. You will need to contract the services of a qualified, certified water testing laboratory if you wish to test for things of that nature.

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