A common question we have heard many during our tenure working in pool stores over the years: “How does a pool clarifier work exactly?”

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Despite our knowing a bit more than the average person about chemistry and wanting to share that knowledge, we usually refrained from going into a lecture about polymers and such… for fear for of scaring the poor customer half to death and causing them to have horrible nightmares that night about their experiences in high school chemistry class.

Instead we told people to imagine that the bottle of pool water clarifier in their hand contained millions of little greedy squid and octopuses that had a craving for small particles in pool water. Simply pour the little buggers into the pool and in a short period of time each of them would fill up their arms (tentacles) with as many particles as possible until full and get so big that the pool filter would catch them or they would fall to the pool floor waiting to get vacuumed out.

Sounds silly, and almost stupid, but we sold a LOT of pool clarifier using that little story. Something about the imagery of small animals doing all the work for people seemed appealing… but that’s just our best guess.

Moral of the story?

Adding live sea creatures to pool water will have BAD consequences… but adding some sort of pool water clarifier to your pool water will put advanced chemistry (in the form of greedy squid and octopuses) to work for you, help clear up cloudy pool water, and/or help keep clear pool water sparkling clear.

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Standard Pool Clarifier

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Natural Pool Clarifier