With articles about the debate over adding (or not adding) fluoride to the public water supply popping up in the news on a semi-regular basis it never surprises us when a reader asks us a question about fluoride in drinking water. Today’s question comes from ‘Andee03’ who asked,

“I like the idea of the low maintenance filter you wrote about today, but does it remove fluoride? For the low price I doubt it so does anyone make one that does? Thx andee03”

Well, Andee, it just so happens that Crystal Quest, the manufacturer of the disposable countertop water filter we wrote about recently, does, in fact, make a disposable filter that reduces fluoride levels in drinking water.

They call it the Fluoride Multi PLUS and from what we can tell, it does all the things that the other filter did plus it reduces fluoride levels… without jumping up too much in cost.

Why the concern over fluoride?

Rather than repeat the content from earlier postings about fluoride we will opt to say, “Please refer to Testing for Fluoride in Water since it gives a very good (and short!) explanation of why people have concerns over the presence of fluoride in drinking water.”

Reducing/Removing fluoride from drinking water?

The disposable, zero-maintenance Crystal Quest Countertop Fluoride Filter mentioned above will most certainly help reduce fluoride levels in drinking water, but what if a person wants a filter that offers more robust filtering features?

Fluoride Filter: Dual
Dual Filter for Fluoride:
Fluoride Filter & 6-Stage Multi-Filter

Fluoride Filter: Triple
Triple Filter for Fluoride:
Fluoride Filter, 6-Stage Multi-Filter & Carbon Block

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