Scumball for Pools & Spas

Ordinarily the title of this article would mean a dirty individual has decided to take a dip in the water but not this time. Today it means a SMART pool or spa owner dropped a product called a Scumball into the water.

Scumball simply float around on the surface of the water soaking up body oils, tanning lotions, etc. so that less of that stuff becomes a ring around the edge of the pool or spa.

These bad boys can soak up 40 times their own weight before needing to get… rinsed with clean water, cleaned and reused!

So, if you would like to reduce the amount of pool wall scrubbing you have to do this pool season we suggest you consider allowing Scumballs to hang out in the water. ;)

Or, if the idea of swimming with scumballs just plain offends you, take a look at pool additives like Pool Perfect and Pool First Aid that use enzymes to break down oils and greases in pool/spa water.