For much of the United States the passing of Labor Day Weekend means the last Summer Blowout Bash before Fall has come and gone... and for many pool owners it also signals the time to examine last year's Winter Cover and pick up Winterizing Supplies in preparation for the annual closing of the swimming pool.

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Over the winter months your pump and filter don't run so the water in your pool gets neither circulated nor sanitized... and that makes your once pristine pool water the perfect breeding ground for algae. By properly using winter pool covers and pool closing (winterizing) kits you can help make opening your pool a much less painful (and expensive!) process in the Spring! What sort of chemicals do most pool closing kits contain? Most of the closing kits we've seen this year seem to contain a combination of chlorine-free shock, some sort of time-release chemical feeder, stain preventatives, and oil/lotion removal devices. Why use chlorine-free shock? As one would expect, chlorine-based shock treatments could, if in too great a concentration, cause damage to various pool parts such as walls, liners, covers, etc. Additionally, chlorine-based shocks may also reduce the effectiveness of other chemicals in the water (i.e. algaecides, stain preventatives, etc.). Importance of time-release chemical feeder? When most folks get a runny nose they certainly do want instant relief, but they also want that feeling of relief to last for a while so they take time-release decongestants and/or antihistamines. If you want your pool to stay healthy all winter, then it, too, will probably fare much better with a time release chemical feeder than with chemical treatments that get added all at one time. Do I really need stain preventatives? As runoff from around the pool seeps in and metal fixture in and around the pool have a chance to potentially leach their elements into the water, the risk of those metals possibly dropping out of solution and forming stains increases as the water temperature drops. Why worry about oils and lotions? Again, as the water temperature drops, suspended body oils and lotions that came from swimmers during the Summer will have a greater likelihood of coming out of suspension, migrating towards pool walls, and depositing themselves on whatever exposed surface they encounter. By the time you get ready to open the pool, well, those oils will have formed tough, hard to remove stains all around the edge of the pool. Where can I buy closing kits? 171 out of 175 customers who purchased the swimming pool closing kit offered by In the Swim said they would recommend the product to friends. Additionally, we have heard similar success stories from folks who used swimming pool closing kits offered by Pool Center, another online pool supply store with an excellent reputation.

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