It should come as no surprise to most of us that obesity in adults as well as children has become a much larger problem in recent years. Pun intended.

A recent study conducted on a little over 1,000 families in Georgia found that a good number of parents categorized their children incorrectly as ‘underweight’ or ‘normal weight’ when the kids clearly belonged in a category that better described their larger than healthy sizes.

“According to the result, 42 percent of the surveyed families have overweight or obese kids. Of those families, 76 percent of the parents misclassified their children as either underweight or normal weight, the United Press International reports.” ( source )

Water Quality Test Kit
Water Quality Test Kit

What does this have to do with water quality and water testing? Well, in our experience over the years dealing with weight control issues stemming from poor on-the-road dietary habits and our love of beer (which contains a lot of water!), we found that substituting water for soda, a massively over-consumed beverage these days, greatly reduced the number of useless calories we took in on a regular basis.

Granted some of us also needed to cut back on — and some cases eliminate altogether — things like fast food, fried foods, late night snacking, etc., and get off our growing behinds more often to go and do SOMEthing to get exercise, but cutting out all those gallons of sugary soda and replacing them with gallons of fresh, clean drinking water definitely helped us all to drop a few pounds and feel much better in the process.

Would your children (or you) drink less soda and choose water, instead, if it tasted better? Of course they (you) would!

So, if your water has an ‘odd’ and/or unpleasant taste, test your tap water or test your well water for common contaminants such as metals (i.e. copper, iron, lead, etc.), dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas (causes rotten egg smell), bacteria and traditional treated drinking water additives such as free chlorine and chloramines.

In the case of municipal, city or tap water the taste and/or odor of chlorine in the water supply is what offends most people while metals and dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas tend to rank higher as offenders for folks with well water.

Moral of the Story?

Clean water usually tastes better than contaminated or tainted water… and contains no calories.

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