A Water Testing Blog Reader emailed us today with news that a break in a water main caused a potentially unsafe pressure loss/drop in the Lyon County Rural Water District water system — resulting in the Department issuing a boil water advisory to its customers.

When water pressure in a water system drops, a possibility exists that unwanted contaminants could enter the water supply which may not, at that exact time, have sufficient chlorine residual available to wipe out any invading bacteria.

Boil water advisory specifics…

Officials suggest that affected water system customers boil water one minute before drinking or using to prepare food. Dispose of ice cubes recently made with tap water and/or that have come in contact with cubes made with tap water recently. Also, turn off and do not use ice cubes coming from automatic ice makers until the ‘all clear’ message gets announced and all lines have been flushed with water cleared as OK to use.

Additionally, one should have the ability to bathe in the water during this advisory, but make sure to avoid accidentally drinking any of the water. Special care should get taken to maonitor children during showers and bathing to make certain they, too, do not drink the water until the advisory ends.

What if water appears cloudy or dirty?

Do not use the water until lines run clear.

Local media outlets will announce the end of the boil water advisory and for additional information, concerned parties may contact the Lyon County Rural Water District #4 Offices at 620-342-6775.

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