Today we received a request from ‘Denise’, the President of a homeowners association, regarding an arsenic test kit that she and others in her community could share… instead of each person buying a smaller test kit such as the Arsenic Low-Range Quick 5’s Kit or Arsenic Quick 5’s Kit.

Denise asked, “I am the President of the [blocked for privacy reasons] homeowners association in [blocked for privacy reasons] and several of our members mentioned wanting to test for arsenic in the last community meeting. The local paper published an article very recently about water quality and how arsenic runs quite common in these parts so no everyone wants to do a test. One person told us you have sets of 2 tests and sets of 5 tests for sale at around $5 per test but really we need one test per home and we have about 85 homes to test. Do you have a more economical; solution available? Maybe a larger economy pack or maybe can we get a group rate?”

Thank you, Denise, for your inquiry and in these rough economic times we can certainly appreciate wanting to save a dollar or three wherever possible!

On a personal note, we find it wonderful that your community has the ability to get together and address a potential water quality issue like arsenic in well water as a collective body rather than as a group of individuals all doing one thing or another and never really pooling the collected data for useful analysis.

Arsenic Quick -- 100 Tests
Arsenic Quick™100 Tests per Kit

Getting to your question, though, yes, we do carry a number of larger arsenic test kits. From what you described, the ‘full’ Arsenic Quick™ Test Kit that contains 100 tests should work just fine for your needs. It has the same detection range as the 2 & 5 test versions — and mathematically adds up to a much better bargain than buying a whole bunch of the smaller versions.

Other suggested tests for well water?

Ground water may contain an insane number of contaminants — potentially. Some of the basic things that most folks concern themselves with, though, are as follows: Nitrates/Nitrites, Water Metals, Total Iron, Manganese, Coliform Bacteria, Hydrogen Sulfide, pH & Total Alkalinity, Copper, and (of course) Arsenic.

Keep in mind that the quality of well water and ground water can change at any time and that in many cases those who drink/use the water may not notice a change — especially in the case of a drinking water contaminant like arsenic which has no discernible taste, color or odor.

Therefore experts in the well water industry and health officials all pretty much agree that owners of private wells need to test their water on a regular basis.

Arsenic Low-Range Quick -- 5 Tests
Arsenic Quick — 2 Tests

Arsenic Quick for Wood
Arsenic Quick for Wood

Arsenic Quick -- 5 Tests
Arsenic Quick — 5 Tests

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