Arsenic Quick Test Kit (100 Tests)
Arsenic Quick Test Kit (100 Tests)

Today’s inquiry comes to us from an aspiring environmental scientist who asked a very shrewd question about a product that we believe very strongly in: Arsenic Quick™ test kits for drinking water.

‘Kelley’, contacted us from the Southwestern US and asked, “Recently a local news channel did a story on arsenic in drinking water in our area and it sounded like our water could really have problems. My family and most families where we live all have well water and after asking some neighbors about it none of them or us have a clue about arsenic or testing for arsenic. I found your site via a google search and you talk a lot about arsenic quick. Is that a product that I could use to help my family and neighbors learn if we have a problem with arsenic? If so why do you recommend it more than others on the market?”

Arsenic Low-Range Quick -- 5 Tests
Arsenic Low-Range Quick
5 Tests

Arsenic Quick -- 5 Tests
Arsenic Quick
5 Tests

Arsenic Quick for Wood -- 5 Tests
Arsenic Quick for Wood
5 Tests

Thank you, Kelley, for contacting us about the Arsenic Quick line of arsenic in drinking water test kits. Let us first say that we have USED most of the test kits ourselves and yes, we believe very strongly in their ability to help the average person get a handle on any arsenic concentrations that may lurk in their water supply… and here’s why:

  • As we stated, we have used the kits ourselves — successfully and with ease.
  • The reagents in the kit pose less of an environmental hazard when compared to ingredients included with competing kits on the market.
  • EPA/ETV Test Verified Chemistry — The chemistry and procedures used by the Arsenic Quick Test Kit has undergone a rigorous review by a division of the EPA and that showed both the chemistry and procedures simple enough for testing personnel of all levels to carry out and obtain accurate, repeatable results.
  • Please feel free to read through the details contained in both the EPA/ETV Verification Statement and the EPA/ETV Verification Report to see exactly what the EPA said about the Arsenic Quick Test Kit.
  • Arsenic Quick has a shorter and simpler test time than any other comparable arsenic test kit we have seen on the market.
  • Users of the Arsenic Quick line of test kits can choose from a number of kits ranging from 2-test versions all the way up to 300-test versions… and also from a range of kits with varying detection ranges designed to look for high levels of arsenic in water or very, very low levels of arsenic in water.
  • Versions of the Arsenic Quick test have gotten incorporated into Compliance Guidelines for arsenic monitoring in at least two US States which means water systems required to monitor arsenic levels in drinking water may use specific versions of the Arsenic Quick test for reporting purposes.

We truly do not believe you can go wrong with the Arsenic Quick line of test kits, Kelley. We wish you the best with all your arsenic testing and let us know if you have any other questions!

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