Total Chlorine High Range Test Strips
Total Chlorine High Range
Test Strips

If you have a need to test for total chlorine levels (free chlorine + combined chlorine) in the range of 0 to 80 ppm then the Total Chlorine HR (High Range) water quality test strips will definitely come in handy. Sold in bottles of 50 tests, this product makes total chlorine testing in the field, in the lab, and just about anywhere a fast, easy process.

  • Detection Range: 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 ppm (mg/L)
  • Total Test Time of Less Than 40 Seconds
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 480033
  • Made in the United States by Industrial Test Systems, Inc.
  • Total Chlorine HR Test Strips require no powders to mix, tablets to crush, drops to add/count, or glass ampuoles to break.

What is the MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) for Chlorine?

In municipal water systems the US Environmental Protection Agency has stated that a water treatment facility must take immediate action to reduce free and/or total chlorine levels in excess of 4 ppm (mg/L).

How Does the Total Chlorine HR Compare to DPD Test Methods?

Unlike DPD test methods for higher (than 10ppm) concentrations of total chlorine which require test personnel to perform dilutions before testing samples, the High Range Total Chlorine Test Strips allow for immediate, on-the-spot testing of water samples.

Why Do DPD Test Methods Require Dilution(s) of Samples?

When testing water samples containing more than 8 to 10 ppm of total chlorine either as free chlorine or combined chlorine the chemical indicator DPD ‘bleaches out’ and becomes clear. Therefore a sample must get diluted prior to testing to make certain the total chlorine concentration does not approach 8 parts per million.

The Total Chlorine High Range test procedure does not require dilution for samples containing more than 8 or 10 ppm chlorine since its chemical indicator can endure and continue to function properly in the presence of elevated chlorine levels.

Moral of the Story?

If you need to test for higher levels of total chlorine than traditional DPD methods allow, and you want to do it quickly and accurately, the WaterWorks Total Chlorine High Range test strip product will most certainly come in handy.

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