Officials working for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services urge every owner of a private water well to test their well water for contaminants on a regular basis

This announcement comes as part of the Department's recognition of March 9-15 as National Groundwater Awareness Week in the Granite State (and the rest of the country!)

Environmental officials in the state estimate that more than 40 percent of New Hampshire residents get their drinking water from private wells. Those same folks ALSO say many of those wells may contain unhealthy levels of naturally-occurring Arsenic Test Kits, radon, and/or other contaminants like Water Metals Test Kits.

In the case of contaminants like arsenic and radon, those contaminants cannot get detected by taste, odor or the appearance of the water.  Therefore only testing will alert a private well owner to the presence of those contaminants.

Officials and well water professionals recommend that well owners have their water tested regularly (most agree that annually is a good idea) by an accredited lab and:

  • When well water develops an unusual or different color, taste or appearance
  • After service gets performed on the well or well head
  • After an event such as flooding causes the well head to become submerged under surface water

Looking for a water testing laboratory in the New Hampshire area?  The DES website contains a list of accredited laboratories at