We recently received the following inquiry from 'Tanveer' who asked,

"We would like to know about the availability of spare chemicals reagent no 1 and bromide paper for Econo Quick Arsenic Test Kit in Bangladesh. We have a good number of test kits still to be used in which the reagent 1 need to be used by June/2014 and the bromide paper by September/2014. But our testing program will continue upto the end of this year. The other reagents arsenic OK for use by this year 2014."

Good morning, Tanveer, and thank you for your inquiry.

At this time we do not carry replacement reagents for the Arsenic Quick test kits and do not know of anyone other than the manufacturer (www.sensafe.com) that does. We suggest contacting them to see what they can do to help you purchase the test kit reagent(s) you require.

For those in search of a full arsenic test kit...

The Water Test Kit Store currently carries several different Arsenic Quick Test Kits: