"Can I use the Arsenic Quick test kit to test human urine for traces of arsenic?"

Good morning. We have not, yet, heard that the kit would not do so, but we have also not heard that it would... so unfortunately we really cannot say.

We suspect, however, that first you may want to research the PPB levels of arsenic that a person could expect to find in urine and see if they match up with what the test kit can detect.  We offer several different versions of the Arsenic Quick and each has its own specific detection range for arsenic.

Our next thought deals with the color of the sample possibly skewing any results obtained.  But, since the test reagent pad in the Arsenic Quick test kit does not actually touch the sample during the test procedure, we suspect that the color of the urine ought not pose a problem.

HOWEVER we do believe that the sometimes very 'bubbly' action that takes place in the reaction vessel COULD result in the formation of foam due to various things often found in urine.  That foam COULD reach the test reagent pad at the top of the reaction vessel... and ruin the test.