Regarding the EZ Cult Bacteria Test Kit for Drinking Water,  'SansG' recently asked, "Hi, Is this test kit good for only one test or multiple tests? Thanks"

Good afternoon, and thank you for your inquiry. Each kit contains a single bottle that tests (1) one sample. If you have more than one water source to test, then you would need one kit per sample.

Why Test for Bacteria?

If you have a private well the responsibility for the quality of the water coming out of that well rests on your shoulders. No one will come out and do periodic testing to make sure you and your family have safe, clean drinking water free of coliform bacteria such as E. Coli.

If you have tap water (i.e. city water, municipal water, etc.) the water provider performs regular testing of the water for bacteria at the water treatment facility... but the water must travel through many miles of piping before it reaches your tap and at any point during that long journey bacteria could possibly find its way into the water supply -- and you would never know until after someone got sick.

What Should I Do If My Water Tests Positive for Coliform Bacteria?

Stop drinking the water right away and have the water tested by a certified water testing laboratory. Then, depending upon the results, you may need to invest in some sort of filtration system capable of rendering the bacteria incapable of reproducing (see UV Water Sterilizer) or removing them altogether (see Ceramic Water Filters).

The important part: Test your water for coliform bacteria so you can make an educated decision when it comes to purchasing or not purchasing a water filter for your home, school or office!