Today's question came from 'Maximrya' who asked, "How accurate are these test strips as I read everywhere that they work for water and when people get them they end up not working. Do all pH test strips work for liquids?"

Thank you for your inquiry and NO, not ALL pH test strips work in ALL liquids.

More specific to the product that we carry, Extended Range pH Test Strips work very well for the most common drinking water, tap water well water applications. Many times people will attempt to test other liquids (i.e. human urine, juices, milk, etc.) using the product and not obtain usable results.  That failure resulted from people trying to get a product to do something its creators did not intend for it to do.

If you intend only to test regular water, then the Extended Range pH Test Strips product should work just fine.

Does temperature affect results?

As in any chemical reaction (in this case the color change on the test pad area), the temperature of a sample affects how fast the chemical reaction takes place.  We suggest allowing a sample to warm up or cool down to the recommended temperature range specified in the instructions of a water test kit.

In our experience most home water testing products work best at ambient or room temperature while others may come with instructions for altering the dip or wait time depending upon the water sample's temperature.