We received a question from 'Jason' regarding testing for the presence of arsenic in a high protein shake called Orgain recently: "I am interested in testing a drink called Orgain for arsenic. It resembles chocolate milk. Do you have a test that will work with it? Thanks Jason"

Water Test Kit Store carries the Arsenic Quick brand of arsenic testing products which works quite well for detecting levels of free dissolved arsenic in drinking water... but we do not know how well they would work when used to test non-water samples.

Several factors may play a part in determining whether or not the Arsenic Quick Test Kits will work in your suggested application:

  • The concentration of arsenic may be too low or too high for the test kit to detect.
  • Ingredients in the sample may cause a more 'violent' bubbling than water and result in the test area on the suspended test pad getting wet.  If the pad gets wet, the test becomes invalid.
  • The sample may contain organically bound arsenic and the test kit cannot detect organically bound arsenic.

To sum all that up, we do not know if the test kit we carry will work for Orgain or any type of sample other than water (or wood).