Today we heard from 'Margaret' who asked a question about well water testing: "Hello--We have a well, and I am wondering which of the test kits you would recommend. Are they pretty dependable? I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Sincerely, Margaret"

Hello, Margaret, and thank you for your inquiry. Of all the at-home drinking water test kits that we carry, the one named SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit offers the largest different tests and its WaterWorks and SenSafe brands of included water test strips have an excellent reputation -- and are manufactured here in the United States.

If you want a more complete testing of your well water, or have good reason to suspect contamination, we suggest taking a look at mail-in test kits from National Testing Laboratories. In particular, the Well-Check Water Testing Package covers a great number of the possible contaminants a person may possibly find in their well water.