‘Tis the season for savings, or at least that’s what all the email blasts and flyers in the mail keep telling us, so why not save money on water testing products, too!


Visit WaterTestKitStore.Com between now and 12/31/2014 and use discount code XMAS2014 to save 10% on every water test kit and water test strip!

WaterTestKitStore.Com carries popular name brand water testing products like WaterSafe, SenSafe, Pool Check, and WaterWorks and boasts standard order turnaround times of 1 to 2 business days. This means you can have the water testing products you know and trust en route to your office or job site in no time!

What makes these products better?

We often get asked WHY our stores carry the brands they do and the answer is simple: Reliability, Ranges, Accuracy, Affordability, and Portability

  • Reliability – The products we carry yield repeatable results.
  • Ranges – The products we carry offer higher and/or lower detection levels as well as more color blocks between end point detection levels than competitive products on the market.
  • Accuracy – Several of the products we carry meet or exceed standards established by recognized governing bodies in the water testing world. Examples: SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check and SenSafe Total Chlorine Water Check.
  • Affordability – The products we carry allow average homeowners as well as water industry professionals to test for a wide range of critical water parameters quickly and easily for very low costs per test.
  • Portability – Water test strips eliminate the need for bulky test equipment, difficult to mix and/or easy-to-spill reagents and cumbersome test procedures… making them ideal for field testing.

Additionally, all of the water testing products offered on WaterTestKitStore.Com are manufactured here in the United States and the companies responsible for their production have excellent reputations in the water testing products market.

Remember to visit WaterTestKitStore.Com between now and 12/31/2014 and use discount code XMAS2014 to save 10% on your order!

Happy Holiday Season, Everyone!

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