This week we'd like to put the spotlight on the WaterWorks Low-Range Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit from Industrial Test Systems, Inc.  This product makes quantifying (rotten egg) odor causing hydrogen sulfide gas a quick and easy process without the need for complicated testing procedures.

Chemical name for hydrogen sulfide: H2S

  • Detection Range: 0, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 ppm (mg/L)
  • Total Test Time < 2 Minutes
  • No Powders to Dissolve or Tablets to Crush
  • Each Kit Contains 30 Tests
  • Current Inventory Has Expiration Date of 9/2017

The Low Range H2S Test Kit detects concentrations of H2S from 0 to 2ppm (mg/L) with its first increment down at 0.3ppm (mg/L).  Other H2S tests use a 'fizzing agent' to liberate hydrogen sulfide gas from water samples and then detect the gas, but this test does not.  Instead, this product uses a test procedure that changes the color of the sample in direct proportion to the concentration of dissolved H2S in the aqueous sample.

The color of the sample then gets compared to a visual color chart designed specifically for this water quality test.

Got a rotten egg or sulfur smell in your water?

If so, then you more than likely have dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas in your water... and you also probably want to get that smell OUT of your water as soon as possible.

Before investing in a system to remove dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas you must first determine the concentration of the gas in your water so you can select the correct water treatment system. Otherwise you run the risk of purchasing too little remediation for the job or wasting money on a system that has far more hydrogen sulfide gas removal capabilities than your water quality situation requires.

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