This morning we received a question about the Emergency Cyanide Test Kit that we carry in the Water Test Kit Store.

'Mr F'' asked, "Will the coloration or something indicate to me which sample of water contains more cyanide? I would like to find out if a sample of peach in water vs apple in water contains more cyanide after 10 minutes."

A couple of things come to mind about your question.

  • This test is a presence-absence, pass-fail test which will tell you if free dissolved cyanide is present, but not how much is present
  • The majority of cyanide will come from the peach pit and apple seeds, we believe, so any test you perform should involve those items.  Grinding them works best if you want to get higher cyanide concentrations.
  • A quantitative cyanide test you can perform does exist, but we do not actively carry it.  If interested, let us know and we will see about carrying a few in one of our stores.

Emergency Cyanide Test Kit