A few hours ago we received an inquiry from 'Dean' who asked, " How good is the test kit for testing coliform in water. Is it close to what they do at some labs?"

The coliform bacteria water test kit we carry ( EZ Coliform Cult) works well as an on-site screening method to determine the presence/absence of coliform bacteria in a 100mL water sample.  If the test indicates positive for coliform,a contamination, then more precise laboratory should take place.

As for whether or not a different field test method exists that gives results comparable in precision to those given by laboratory testing, at this time we do not know of a field bacteria test capable of replacing laboratory testing.

We do, however, know of water test kit called the "Compartment Bag Test (CBT)" from a company called Aquagenx ( www.aquagenx.com) that specifically detects E. Coli and gives an indication of the extent of contamination, as well.

Again, we stress that at this time we neither carry nor know of a field test capable of providing bacteria test results comparable to those provided by a qualified water testing laboratory.

About EZ Coliform Cult Test

The EZ Coliform Cult (MUG) Test gives homeowners and water professionals the ability to get accurate coliform bacteria test results for a water sample in 24 to 48 hours!

In the presence of coliform bacteria, the media (powder in the test container) turns blue-green and detects down to the USEPA limit of 1 coliform per 100 mL sample. Additionally, users of this test want to confirm the presence of E. Coli, illuminating the sample with blue fluorescent lighting (UV light) or adding a Kovacs reagent makes that possible.

  • Detects the EPA limit of 1 cfu (coliform unit) per 100 milliliters of sample water.
  • Easy and safe test procedure.
  • No laboratory equipment required.

What Should I Do If My Water Tests Positive for Coliform Bacteria?

Stop using the water right away and have the water tested by a certified water testing laboratory. Then, depending upon the results, you may find that you need to invest in a water filtration system capable of rendering the bacteria incapable of reproducing (see UV Water Sterilizer) or removing it altogether (see Ceramic Water Filters).

Coliform Bacteria Test Kit