Earlier today we received an email from 'Jeanette' who asked, "Hi. I was wondering how credible and accurate your Manganese test strips were. If you have any recommendations to measure Manganese that are more accurate, I'd like to hear them. Thank you!"


Good afternoon, Jeanette, and thank you for your inquiry. The links below will allow you to learn more about the test procedure for  SenSafe Manganese Check:

Regarding accuracy, we really have not heard any complaints from users of the product. When we experimented with it years ago we found that it did a pretty decent job... for a dip-n-read style of test.

If you need something with greater precision, range, etc., then we suggest considering a product such as the following which provides a digital readout of results:

The Well Water (Driller) version of the eXact Micro 20 Handheld Water Testing Meter (information available on this page: http://www.filterwater.com/pc-458-32-exact-micro-20-water-tester-kit.aspx) comes with testing materials for a number of important water quality parameters in addition to manganese.

Is Manganese a Health Hazard?

As a general rule manganese in drinking water does NOT present a health hazard, though in great enough concentration ANYthing could pose a threat to human health.

Typically manganese in water presents itself as more a nuisance for laundry since it may cause black staining and for that reason water professionals suggest keeping its levels below 0.05mg/L (ppm).

Filtering Out Manganese?

Should you find yourself in a situation where manganese levels in your water supply give you trouble, the following Propur water filters have been tested by an independent lab to reduce manganese levels in drinking water by >99%.