We recently received an email from 'Teri' who asked, "Hi.  We're looking at the WaterSafe Well Test Kit and want to know if it tests for E. Coli. Thanks."

Good morning, Teri, and thank you for the question. The WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit product contains a test for coliform bacteria (which includes E. Coli), yes, but the kit will not tell you the concentration of bacteria detected or the specific type(s) of coliform bacteria detected.

Basically speaking, if the test yields a positive result you should probably have your water tested for coliform bacteria by a certified water testing laboratory. They should have the ability to tell you the level of contamination as well as what sort of bacterial contamination your water contains.


When Should We Test for Bacteria?

Water professionals suggest testing well water for bacterial contamination for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • You have not tested your well for bacteria in the last 6 to 12 months
  • Flood water recently covered your wellhead
  • Something compromised the seal of your wellhead
  • Your well required service work of some kind since the last time you performed a bacteria test

Again, we stress that the list above does not cover all the possible reasons that would cause a person to test their well water for bacteria.

Looking to Test More Than One Water Sample?

If you need to perform multiple tests for coliform bacteria, please note that the WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit contains (1) one test for coliform bacteria.

For additional coliform bacteria testing you should consider purchasing multiple  single tests for bacteria or possibly a case of bacteria tests if you would like to test up to (12) twelve water samples.