Today we heard from 'Dennis' who asked, "Which test would be better? COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit or WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit? We have a well near a semi-dry canal in Florida. I need to get a new/better whole house filtering system (2 or 3 filters). Right now we have a single Westinghouse whole house filter. Have a softener (no RO).Thanks, Dennis "

Between the two kites we typically suggest the COMPLETE Kit over the WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit because it provides 2 tests for each parameter except bacteria and also tests for more parameters.

The COMPLETE Water Test Kit detects the following:

One test not included in the COMPLETE Kit that we recommend for sure these days:  Lead in water.

But if going that route, you may as well go for the SenSafe Water Quality Test Kit which includes all the same water quality tests as the COMPLETE Kit plus it contains a test for lead in water and a test for pesticides in water... for approximately $10 more. FYI: The lead test alone sells for around $14.

Honestly if you're in the market for a new water filter, we REALLY suggest having your water tested by a qualified water testing lab before plunking down several hundred dollars. Buying a water filter is actually an investment in your health so to us it makes sense to get all the facts -- or as many as possible -- before making a decision.

We recommend the services of National Testing Laboratories for a number of reasons including turnaround time for test results, ease of sample collection and number of potential water contaminants their test packages include.

WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit
COMPLETE Water Quality Test Kit
COMPLETE Water Quality
Test Kit - 13 Parameters
COMPLETE Kit w/ Lead and Pesticide Tests
COMPLETE Water Test Kit
w/ Lead & Pesticide Tests