This morning 'Traycee' asked, " If our water comes from a city water system we don't have to worry about pesticide contamination, right?"

Thank you for the inquiry, Traycee.  As a general rule city and municipal water supplies SHOULD not have pesticides as contaminants, but before you can fully rule that possibility out, please remember the following:

  • Public water systems have orders from the EPA to test for the presence of pesticides in the water they distribute on a regular basis, but not all the time.
  • Many public water systems draw at least some of their source (raw) water from surface water such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs which may get contaminated by run-off from surrounding areas where pesticides get used.

Testing for pesticides in drinking water

Although some do-it-yourself at-home water test kits for pesticides do exist, they typically do not give much more than presence/absence results for a very limited number of potential contaminants and do not give an indication of the severity of pesticide contamination (if detected).

To get a more complete assessment of pesticide contamination one must have their water tested by a qualified water quality testing laboratory such as  National Testing Laboratories.

Testing for pesticides in water

At this time  National Testing Laboratories offers a pair of fairly comprehensive mail-in water testing packages that include testing for pesticides in water:

Both kits include testing for 19 commonly found pesticides and herbicides such as atrazine, simazine, chlordane and 2,4-D plus PCB's.

National Testing Labs 100+ Parameter Test Kit
National Testing Labs
Well Check Deluxe
100+ Parameter Test Kit
w/ Laboratory Testing

City-Check Deluxe
National Testing Labs
City Check Deluxe
100+ Parameter Test Kit
w/ Laboratory Testing