Are you afraid of the dark...... floating things in your drinking water? You probably SHOULD be!

Unlike a young child around a swimming pool or other body of water...... safe, clean drinking water ought not have floaties of ANY color, now that we think about it. Yuck!

Does your water have floaties in it? If so, then you may want to consider looking into installing a sediment filter in your home or where ever those pesky floaties appear.

A simple Pentek Big Blue (also available in clear!) 10" filter housing and sediment filter cartridge installed on the incoming water line to your home, business, school or other location will make the floaties... disappear before they have a chance to reach your faucet!

Remember: Floaties not only LOOK gross in your glass and may pose a health risk depending upon what they're made of, but they could also result in clogged plumbing which costs a LOT to remove, replace or repair.

Big Blue Housing & Pentek Sediment Filter