We think this broke some kind of record.  In a matter of MINUTES after we posted our most recent article about scary floaters in drinking water and how to get rid of them, we had someone reach out and ask a different question related to the same topic: sediment in water.

"Hi.  Just read that sediment article and we already have a filter for that going to our house, but our washer is connected by separate plumbing and our washer lines keep gumming up with junk.  We don't want to put another full sediment filter on that line if we don't have to so is there a less expensive simpler filter that we can use?  We're sick of replacing the washer line and that hard to remove screen on our washer!"

As a matter of fact, a simpler and easier filter does exist:  An inline sediment filter can hook onto the house's water tap between the hose and the tap.  Just unhook the hose from the tap, screw this onto the hose and connect the other end of this onto the tap.  Easy!

Inline Sediment Filter for Washing Machines

Accessing this is little unobtrusive sediment filter is usually MUCH easier than messing around with a washing machine's built-in sediment screen and this inline filter stops unwanted sediment from going into the washing machine's hose... thereby also keeping that same unwanted sediment from ever reaching any part of the washing machine.