There are lots of types of filters out there that you can buy and surprisingly we get the most questions about inline water filters, sometimes written as in-line water filters, because people have the misconception that inline means 'really difficult to install'... and that isn't true in most cases.  Basic, yet effective, inline filters can often get installed in just a few minutes and sometimes with nothing more than simple tools!

Refrigerator water dispensers, ice makers and also coffee makers produce cleaner, better tasting products using freshly filtered water.  In their simplest form, inline water filters usually contain a multi-stage filter capable of removing or reducing a large number of potential (unwanted) drinking water contaminants.

With a small footprint and easy installation, inline water filters provide excellent filtration, take up little space, remove unwanted water contaminants and make total sense if cleaner, tastier and healthier drinking water, coffee and/or ice sounds good to you.

Inline Water Filter