Given that we have strayed from our normal topic of drinking water quality and drinking water quality testing recently, it came as no surprise that we started getting emails asking about the differences between drinking water test kits and pool water test kits. The answer, without a doubt sounds 100% like this: “No. The levels of detection differ greatly for key drinking water quality parameters in such a degree that a person could possibly put their lives at risk by using the wrong test kit.”

As an example, a test kit for bacteria which could help a person determine whether or not a pond, lake, pool, hot tub or river contains an unhealthy level of bacteria unsafe for swimming or bathing cannot definitively tell a person whether or not a person should drink the water.

A kit like…

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Part Number: A8185

… will tell you if the water contains unsafe levels of bacteria that would make swimming or bathing unsafe.

A kit like…

48 hour presence/absence test for coliform bacteria
WaterWorksTM Bacteria Check

… detects down to 1 coliform unit of bacteria, the EPA limit for safe drinking water.

Now as we ALWAYS say, “No at-home test kit gives the same level of precision and accuracy as a professional, certified water analysis laboratory!” — It’s your water, your health and ultimately your LIFE!

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