Interested in taking your testing to the next level? Got a need for fast, accurate and very versatile water testing meter system that won’t break your budget? Take a quick look at the eXact Micro 7+ Standard Photometer Kit and you may very well find what you seek.

Making use of the reliable and quite convenient reagentstrip delivery system for many of its tests, the eXact Micro 7+ Standard Photometer Kit greatly reduces testing times without affecting the quality of its water test results.

eXact Micro 7+ Standard Photometer Kit

The new eXact Micro 7+ Standard Photometer Kit from Industrial Test Systems offers homeowners and water quality professionals the ability to test for 26 different parameters to ensure their water is safe and suitable for a variety of uses. Ideal for residential, commercial or municipal testing, this waterproof meter provides faster, easier and more accurate testing than strips alone can provide.

This kit comes with 25 test strips each of the following parameters: free chlorine (DPD-1), total chlorine (DPD-3), pH, bromine (DPD-1), total alkalinity, calcium and copper.

In addition to these, the following 17 parameters may also be tested through the kit’s Tr-7 transmission function (requires the use of a conversion table): Ammonia, Chloride/Salt, Chlorine Dioxide, Chromium Hexavalent, Cyanuric Acid, Iodine, Iron, Low Range Total Hardness, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, Acid pH, Alkali pH, Potassium, Sulfate, Sulfide and Turbidity. ( source )

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